Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No Big Deal ... My Blog Is Now HOT

Isn't my blog amazing? My cute cousin, Brooke Firth, helped me change my blog from an ugly polka dotted nightmare to this cute thing. She designs blogs and has quite the knack for just about ANYTHING. I'm quite fortunate to be related to her. Thanks, Brooke!

Updates, updates!

I got a job - working for Farmers Insurance. I had been there for about two months ... but now I don't have a job again ... because it turns out they didn't need me. SO, I'm back to the fun thing that is searching for a job. Yay! (Insert sarcasm here.)

I've also joined a coed soccer team. Wait - you might be asking - have you ever even played soccer, Liz? The answer is, no. I never have played soccer. But, do I like to get in people's faces? Yes. Am I extremely competitive? Oh yeah. And do I need to work out? You betcha. So, I'm now playing soccer. It's been a ton of fun, actually. I'm not great, but I've gained a HUGE amount of respect for soccer players. They are athletes in every sense of the word. Running around (sprinting) nonstop for 45 minutes and then doing it again for another 45?? Wowzers. I get winded after about minute number 3. It was also nice to do something different. I usually do coed softball this time of year. Look at me branching out and trying new things! Yeah. Big deal.

Half-marathon update: Um, the half-marathon is in less than a month. Am I prepared? No. I ran 7 miles the other day INSIDE and that about killed me. So, I have only a few weeks to whip my butt into shape. I will run this half if I have to crawl across the finish line on my hands and knees! (I'm really hoping it doesn't come to that.)

On a completely unrelated note, I took two showers today. It felt great. Deal with it.

Is it just me or are there NO movies out right now? We were completely bombarded with movies at Christmas and now there's some Miley Cyrus (spelling) lame film they want me to see? No thanks. Robin Hood comes out in May (can't wait) and so I guess I'll avoid the movie theater until then. Oh, I heard that dragon movie was cute, though. Maybe I'll drag my butt over to see that.

Ben has less than 10 months left on his mission! It's going fast now!

Toodles for now, peeps.


The Incredible Life of Liz Lloyd

The Incredible Life of Liz Lloyd