Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SLC Half!

Because I'm posting this, you can all safely assume that I did, in fact, survive the SLC Half. What a great experience! I got the exact time as I did my last race (Vegas) and I was thrilled about it. Why, you might ask? The elevation here sucks, I didn't train as hard, and the people who designed the course put a freaking hill at mile 11 that I had to walk partway up. (Side note. It's just rude to put a hill that far into the race. I mean, everyone is dying at that point. Put the hill at the first when we all have energy! So rude.)

All in all, I'm really glad I did the race. There's something so cool about running with thousands of other people and then crossing that finish line as everyone's cheering you on. What a rush! My dad and my cute friend, Brook, came to see me finish and it was great to have their support. For anyone who is contemplating doing a race (half, full, 5K, 10K ... whatever), I absolutely recommend it. You have such a feeling of accomplishment when you're done, knowing that you set out with a goal and completed it. I'm definitely planning on doing a half again, and I hope to break my time.

There are some hilarious photos that the marathon people took of me as I was running that I'm contemplating buying. If I do, rest assured I'll post them here. They're epic, to say the least.

Hey, Soul Sister, by Train is my new favorite song. It just makes me happy! I feel like I should be driving in a car with my windows down and my sunglasses on every time I listen to it. Can't wait for summer!

The Incredible Life of Liz Lloyd

The Incredible Life of Liz Lloyd