Sunday, May 25, 2008

Better Late Than Never....

Wow. I'm horrible at doing this. For the three of you that view this blog, I apologize. I just got around to loading some pictures from a trip I took with my family to Florida in March. We stayed on site at DisneyWorld and had a great family trip. Not to bash DisneyLand...but woah...I almost have no desire to go there ever again. DisneyWorld is AMAZING. The shuttle launched when we were down there and we drove out to see it. Talk about an incredible experience... Anyways, hope you guys enjoy the pics. I'm going on a super fun trip this week....more to come soon!


Brooke said...

Hello! Oh yeah, don't you worry. I rushed right home and checked out your blog. I'm so glad that I can stalk you now! Yay!

Visit me:

Love ya!

Stephanie said...

haha too. lol.

Candace said...

Love the new stuff! I'm really proud of you and steps you're making towards adulthood. Even though your trip was to Disneyworld...oh well, it's progress!! Can't wait to see what else pops up!! New York pics for sure!! HOORAY!

Lord Family said...

YEA! A NEW POST! Liz Guess what???!!! I am moving to Draper tomorrow! YEA Now we can play lots more. You must call me, I will be living like 2 minutes away from you. I am so jealous you got to go to Disney World! Love that place.

Love your friend Lauren

Brian and April said...

I love that you finally made a new post. I'm glad that you had fun in DW. I wish I could have come to the airport to see you when you were in ATL. Miss you love pie

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The Incredible Life of Liz Lloyd